What’s with the name BDTHREE? It was derived from my post code, BD3. BDTHREE has been rebuilt from the ground up for a much simpler, smoother, faster and less confusing user experience. I have kept it clean, simple and fast so I can spend more time focusing on what’s important, my clients. And less time maintaining my own website.


I have been designing, servicing and hosting websites for over 12 years now. Most of my clients are outside of the Bradford and Yorkshire area and I do cover the whole of the UK. I tend to focus on WordPress site’s as these are easier to maintain for both me and my clients. My main goal is to be bring you realistic pricing, reliable and constant services and all being well show you what benefit a well designed, optimised website can bring to your business.


I try to keep my prices as low as possible. I have always worked on the basis of a fair days pay for a fair days work. My prices are lower than others for the same comparable work as I have limited overheads and Yorkshire is much cheaper to live in than say London for example. However when you do contact me for a quote request and are given one then this is my final quote.

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