The aim of bdthree and the reason I created it is to provide web services to people even on the smallest of budgets. I have been creating website’s for 10 years now from what started out as a hobby to finding out why costs are so high and how I can reduce those prices. Along the process I have found the main reason why costs are so high, and often in the thousands, is just plain greed.

That combined with sales tactics full of promises, people on a low budget don’t stand a chance.
From my Bradford base I have sourced all the tools needed to create a website from start to finish.

This includes hosting, domains, SEO and knowledge. Since the age of 23 I have gathered invaluable information allowing me to pass on the savings to others and to be frank keeping me employed. I don’t have the overheads the more expensive designers have and have opted to provide a cheaper service, gaining loyal customers from fair prices and a good standard of work. I charge a fair days pay for an honest days work.

I believe and have been told that I am a typical Yorkshire man in my ways, speaking as it is, honest and upfront. My current clients like this attitude and I don’t suspect I’ll change any time soon. I like to help others where I can when asked, advising on the best route to take to achieve what ever their aims are.

Although based in Bradford my clients come from various areas of the UK and I am not just limited to offering my services to the Bradford or Yorkshire area. The power of the internet at work!

If you want to save on costs and get a good, honest and reliable service then please give me a call or drop me an e-mail.
All the best


You can use the below form to contact BDTHREE with short questions you may have. If it is a website design quote you are looking for then please use the free quote form to receive a faster response.

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Mobile : 07472 826134