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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is an ongoing battle. With search engines such as Google and Bing! Changing their algorithms all the time or in simpler terms moving the goal posts there are different factors that could make and breake your search engine rankings and in the longer run your online business. You can get around SEO and search engine rankings in the short term by simply paying for Pay-Per-Click ad’s from Google and Bing! This is a great for the short term and I highly recommend it. You can get started here for Google Ad’s and here for Bing! Ad’s. However, should you wish to have your website optimised now then please read on.

SEO services provided

I have had great success optimising local websites for particular keywords in the past. I do this by researching your business type, examining your competitors in detail, scrutinising your website sites health, speed and optimisation and generally checking everything is as it should be. By ensuring all this is correct, great results can be achieved in search rankings. There are various other ways to give you a boost in search engine rankings one of which is back link building. This can be expensive and until your website is 100% search optimised you would be chucking good money after bad. None the less if required I can discuss this further once the hard work is done. I offer two great packages to get you started. The DIY Package and the Complete Package.

The D.I.Y Package

£59.99 One Off Cost

If your budget is low and you have an understanding on how to edit your website then this package will suit you.

I will spend at least 4 hours researching your business type, checking in on your competitors and looking for missed keyword opportunities, checking the health and speed of your website and generally seeing where improvements need to be made.

Once this is complete I will send you a full breakdown of what needs your attention so you can implement these changes your self.

Complete Package

£199.99 One Off Cost

A little more expensive but worth every penny.

This includes all the above with the difference being I will do all the work until I am satisfied I have squeezed every bit of optimisation out of your website.

If you are a little daunted at the idea of editing your website then this package is best suited leaving you to get on with what is important, running your business.

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