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Now you can choose your build time and save up to 40 % on the final cost.

After you have received your quote you can optionally choose one of the discounts below.

6 – 7 weeks build time 20% OFF

8 – 9 weeks build time 30% OFF

10 + weeks build time  40% OFF

Great discounts if you are in no rush or a planning for a new website in the near future.


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Facebook, Twitter, Social integration

Fancy and Informative Sliders

Newsletter Opt-ins


Shopping Carts, Full Online Shops

Payment Gateway Integration

Real Estate

Blogs, Community’s, Forums

Fancy Fonts, Colours and Effects

Pop-up’s on Exit and Other Eye Grabbing Tools

And so much more ……….

No matter what type of design you would like be that Traditional, Colourful, Clean or Like this site colourful and a little chaotic it can be done at an affordable price by getting in touch today. Let Lee and bdthree take all the hard work out of the process.

SEO Ready

When shopping for your new website designer you will often find SEO is an optional extra. I like to take a different approach. Instead I build your new website correctly from the very beginning. This means that when your new website is put online it is search engine optimised from the word go!


WordPress is the most popular website development tool kit on the internet. It allows regular security updates, easy modular upgrades in the future and the option to manage your own content. The flexibility and options are endless and I use WordPress on 90% of the websites built by me. And guess what, that includes this one, bdthree.

Responsive Web Site's

Internet enabled devices come in many shape and forms these days. Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, PC’S and even TV’S. When buying a website from me you can be safe in the knowledge that it has been tested on screens from 50” down to 3“ and that it looks great on them all.

Quick Turnaround

You have ordered your new website and you’re excited and can’t wait to get it online. I get it, so I ensure that your website is out there in a speedy fashion. However, I make it my number one priority to ensure your new website and quality is not affected by rushing. I will at all times produce your website in the fastest time with care that ensures quality is not compromised.

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Can You Build My Site?

There are so many functions and variations of a website and it all depends on what type of site and business it is for. I build all sorts of configurations for example property websites, shopping websites, simple flyer type websites and even dating sites or social media type sites. Whatever idea it is you have I am sure I will be able to give you a great quote.

Hosting & Services

Some people know and some do not, but your new website has to be stored somewhere just like every single website on the internet. This is called web hosting. A computer known as a server on the internet when your new website is hosted and displayed in a visitors browser. At bdthree the hosting can be provided along with a domain name so you do not have to go through 3rd parties.


Often my client has no content such as images or text. That is fine because I have teamed up with some the best UK copywriters available. The added benefit of bdthree providing the content for you is you are safe in the knowledge that the content is SEO correct. However, should you have your own content I will ensure that gets the tweaks needed to make sure its SEO ready.

Social Media

Social media is more important today. When I create a website for you just let me know the social sites you would like to be associated with. Social features include letting your visitors share your site with friends, like or tweet or in a reverse fashion your tweets and posts are displayed on your website in real-time.

  • Call Lee Today On 01274 665002
  • Or Chat Live Now With Lee