Budget E-Commerce Store. £11 Per Month. Only from BDTHREE - Web Design Bradford

Welcome and Hello. I have created this package to give local shops in Bradford and the rest of the UK a quality low-cost option e-commerce store during the covid-19 crisis.

There are no tricks, no hidden costs. Any extra’s or addons are your choice. You will receive exactly what you see outlined below. This includes integrated payment and checkout with such gateways as PayPal, Stripe, and other options useful to a local shop like payment on collection or delivery.

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Still Interested?

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I have designed this package ready to deploy within hours. It’s a fixed design built with the same tools any other modern design agency would use. What you see is what you get. It can be customised in a limited way to quickly get you started.

Furthermore, I have cut costs by making it really simple by only providing the basic essentials. It has not been designed to sell complicated products such as blinds, carpets and so on that need complicated measurement calculations at checkout.

Its design is suited to “One Of” a type product such as tinned food, electrical goods, and many other items that do not require multiple choice. However, this feature can be added by your self or you can hire me to do this once the site is running.

The site is built on the popular WordPress and woocommerce environment. This means there are lots of instructions for yourself to adjust the site as needed.

Ongoing Costs

The hosting of the site is already included in the monthly price of £11 per month. This is UK based hosting. If you do not have a domain name this will be an extra cost of £9 per year making your initial outlay £20 then £11 per month thereafter for 1 year.


The price includes the following customisations. Ten store categories so you can get started listing your products. Colours can be altered. Integration of payment gateway. Branding and contact details. You will need a logo or you can use a text-based logo. Any other additions are at my usual £7.50 per 15 minutes or £25 per hour.

The number of products

You are not limited on the number of products you sell. However you are limited by web hosting space. You will be provided with enough space for around 1000 products. If you need more space it can be provided at an extra cost. This will be around an estimated £2 per month.

Adding Products

Adding products is simple. See the video below. My price does not include adding products although this can be discussed at further costs.

And Finally

Hopefully, I have made it clear what you will receive. This package is designed for local shops that want to offer local customers the option of ordering online during the covid crisis. This store can cover many types of products.

Some of the addons available to this package are:

SMS: Recieve text messages for you when orders received and order updates for customers.

Private I.P Address: To improve e-mail deliverability.