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This design policy will explain how things work and what to expect going forward should you decide to go ahead with a new website from bdthree or are currently a client of bdthree. I will try to keep it to a minimum but these facts are here to ensure there are no surprises for you going forward and are provided in an open and honest fashion.

When you receive a quote from bdthree this price is not including the hosting cost, email service, dedicated I.P address or domain. The quote is for the website build it’s self and you will need to pay each month/year for the services needed to put your new website online and you will be given the price of these before hand. Prices will vary on these service depending on the resources required to run your website reliably.

If you decide you want to provide the content of your website such as text and images then please be aware I will need these in a timely manner. I will also need these in a state that can be understood. I build websites on a page by page basis. Please provide the content on a per page basis that is clearly labelled to what page it belongs to. I will sadly have to move on to other projects if there are major delays with communications between you and myself regarding content. If this happens I will come back to your website once I have completed the next project or a break appears in that project.

The design process is straight forward. I always start with the header, menu and footer area of a website. This gives you the time to get the content and images together. This also allows me to ensure these are work and look great on all devices as these will be prominent to your visitors and first impressions count!.

Once the above is completed I will give you your first look and approval all going well. Once it is decided that these key areas are complete I will start with the Home Page / Opening Page. You will see the build at each point a page is completed. Once that page is signed of by you as complete I will move onto the next.

Once the site is complete I will inspect functions such as contact forms and social items are working correctly. As you and my self have checked and signed of the website at each and every point I will now class the site complete. None the less errors can occur so I allow 1 month’s of fixes and alterations free in case either I or you have missed something.

After this period you will be charged for any changes, fixes or additions going forward. It is a point I can not stress enough. Software gets old, things move on and faults occur when software and hardware is upgraded. Conflicts of software is also ongoing when new meets old. It is also vital to update the software that your website is built on to prevent security holes appearing and to protect your visitors. You can update your website at anytime your self. I will also do this for you at cost or what I call my working rate which starts at £7.50. Please view my Maintenance Page for more info.

When I build your website I take care to ensure that all content is laid out and optimised for search engines. This is called SEO. If this is a brand new build on a brand new domain then please do not expect your website to display in search engines the second it goes live. It can take up to 3 month for a website to be indexed by Google, Bing!, Yahoo and others. Unless your website and business is unique and the one and only of it’s kind on the internet you will need to further your efforts regarding SEO to be competitive going forward and to move up the Google ladder. Please see my SEO page for more info.

Finally please keep in mind that I do not haggle on my quotes/prices. They are final. I try to keep everything as low cost as possible without it damaging the final finish of a website.

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