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You can choose to pay for your services on a 1,3,6 or 12 months basis. Payment is by PayPal only please note. If you choose to pay every 1,3 or 6 months and optionally if you choose 12 months you can pay by bank transfer too.

The software used for billing is automated. This means that once you place an order your package will go live usually within a few minutes. This also means it is up to you to ensure you pay for your hosting on time on the due date. Late payment can lead to suspension of your services and later deletion of your website, its files and email which are not recoverable.

You will receive a notice that your invoice is ready 7 days before it’s due. After the due date and within a 7 days period you will receive 3 reminders, and then a suspension notice. After this your site will be deleted within 2 days. All said from start to finish you are given 14 days / 2 Weeks to pay your invoice which should allow for a good 2 weeks holiday.

In the very unlikely event that a server should fail all websites are backed-up for quick restoration. However, this means all websites at once on a particular server which can include many websites depending on the hosting package you choose and if just your website failed due to outdated software or user error, you can not restore your individual website from a server back-up.

It is advised that you do regular back-ups of your emails and websites your self. Alternatively see the Maintenance page for options.

Choose your hosting package carefully. Software that makes up a website is becoming more demanding each year. Just like your pc, laptop and tablet at home or your mobile phone in your pocket the more the software is updated the slower the device will run. Your website is just the same, it has to run on hardware more or less same as all the above devices. Choose a hosting package that will meet the demands of your website, especially e-commerce websites as these are very demanding on hardware.

Slow, unreliable websites will effect SEO and will also scare visitors away.

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