SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

You may already have the website you thought was going to be a hit but as is often the case the site may have been created with SEO as a second thought if it was considered at all.

On the other hand you may have just avoided SEO because your designer wanted that to be an added extra at further cost when designing your site. What ever the reason it is essential that you get good placings in the search engines so you can try to avoid the expensive cost of other advertising alternatives.

At bdthree I offer various SEO solutions such as back link building, advice on how to make your site more SEO friendly if you are capable of making the needed changes yourself or the option of the site being modified by myself to ensure every thing is as it should be.

I will not take any money if I don’t believe that your site is capable of improving in the ranking’s and it goes without saying I will explain what to expect when the changes are made.

SEO doesn’t need to be expensive when using bdthree as your SEO solution. I do not charge the hundreds per month that other companies charge and my prices start from a reasonable £29.99. You won’t be disappointed with bdthree and my services.


The time it takes to achieve results is just one of the mysteries that no SEO company can answer as all top three search engines keep their search bot information, also known as spiders, very secret so knowing when one is on its way to your site is hard to judge. However I have found that if the SEO is of good quality you will start to see changes for the better in two to three weeks.

Initially in the first week you may see that your site drops in the rankings and this can’t be avoided. However this is a good sign as it indicates that the search engine has visited your site and in simple terms is deciding where to put you next. So do not panic if this is the case.
When you contact me I will explain all your options, what keywords for search terms should be your priority and how to focus your SEO efforts to gain better returns. For example there are about 4,500 user searches for plumbers in Leeds alone every month.

I often find sites that are SEO unfriendly meaning they’re not targeting the essential areas for search engines to pick up on. If that is the case then the site will never have a chance of being found. What I do is find those key areas which others miss and focus on them to bring in better results. The point being is it always better to be at the top of search engine’s for a few niche keywords than to be no where for lots of common keywords.

I use many techniques to achieve good results and avoid the tricks that could potentially be disastrous for your site in the long run. I will be open and honest with you from the outset and will work with you through the process to meet your goals.

If you believe my SEO Bradford service could help you then please get in touch via the contact page or telephone number at the top of this site.


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