Responsive Design

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All websites created by BDTHREE are responsive at no extra cost meaning your new website will work on all devices including mobile devices.

SEO Optimised

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All websites created by BDTHREE are submitted to the major search engines and are optimised to get there best potential from the outset.

Affordable Quality

Cheap web design bradford

All websites created by BDTHREE are priced to be affordable for smaller companies but not to cheap that it affects on quality and reliability.

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Full Featured E-Commerce
Unlike other companies I can not justify charging all these little extras for features others do and you can have as many products you can fit on your hosting account.

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Websites For The Trades
No matter what trade it is there is hundreds if not more people searching for your services in your area each week. I know how to get the maximum potential for local tradesman who choose to get a website from me.

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Booking For Your Business
From Hair Salons to Beauty Schools, Restaurants to Guest House’s I can create the perfect site with the ideal booking solution so you can take full or partial payment there and then with no fuss.

What ever type of site you want bdthree can get you started on the path to fulfilling your requirements with ease and minimum stress. I believe that the client should spend as little time as possible on the design process, instead focusing on the content and desired impact from bdthree.

Some of my past clients have given me very little to go on with a just a brief description or bare idea of what they want, asking me to make my own judgement of the design and layout of their site and all have been extremely pleased with the finished product.

On the other hand some clients have chosen to have a long chat about their design with specific layout’s and functions in mind and all these clients have been very pleased with the results. Often clients come to me with ideas that are new and if I believe they could drain money rather than make it I will tell the client up front before they lose money even if it means me losing a client.

" After giving much consideration to various companies we decided to go with Lee and BD3 because of the level of communication we got prior to commencing the creation of the website. Typically when dealing with web developers in the past the big issue has always been getting feedback during the design process and keeping things on track for the completion date. BD3 were fantastic and Lee explained everything and any issues we had were quickly explained and resolved. The website was finished within the timescales we agreed and the after launch support has been fantastic to ensure the website functions and performs as required. Big thank you to Lee and we will definetly be back for anything we need in the future. Keep up the great service and communication, its honestly the main factor separating good developers and poor ones!"
Alexander McTurk, AB Property Consultants
Alexander McTurk, AB Property Consultants, Microsoft
I would highly recommend lees services. At the beginning of my journey of setting up a website, and not at all up to date with computers , lee true as his word was extremely patient, and explain fully each step.
Lesley, Sweet candy cart events
Lesley, Sweet candy cart events,
I contacted Lee for a quote of my website. After giving him a brief outline of what I wanted, he made recommendations and came across very knowledgable, this sealed the deal for me. Within a number of days, I had a fully functioning website at a competitive price. Fantastic service!
Anthony, Yanah Dating
Anthony, Yanah Dating,
We didn't have much of an idea what we should have on our website, we just knew we needed one. Lee made it very easy for us and We are very pleased with the result.
Throstle Nest Riding for the Disabled Group.
Throstle Nest Riding for the Disabled Group.,
I knew exactly what I wanted my website to look like and was very picky. Lee went along with my specifications all the way, adding very good suggestions for improvement.
Penny Iveson, Hypnotherapist/Counsellor
Penny Iveson, Hypnotherapist/Counsellor,
I am looking forward to working with Lee on future projects and fully recommend Lee and bdthree.
Dean Williams – FA Licensed Coach
Dean Williams – FA Licensed Coach,
bdthree Design helped me with my website recently and I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the work and the service I received.
Lewis, Nuts About Film
Lewis, Nuts About Film,
From the first phone call to bdthree to the design of the site Lee made the process very easy, we never had to chase for an update.
John Bricknell, Autowfix
John Bricknell, Autowfix,
We can vouch for bdthree 100%, as Lee built two sites for us one for our business, and one for a hobby.
Peter, Morton Guest House, Derby
Peter, Morton Guest House, Derby,
The service that Lands Security Services has received in our experience has been spectacular.
Terrie, Lands Security, London
Terrie, Lands Security, London,
Thanks Lee your services have been most helpful. Effective Windows and Doors
Chris Tetley, Effective Windows, West Yorkshire
Chris Tetley, Effective Windows, West Yorkshire,
After the vaguest of instruction by myself, Lee completely designed our website and we have no complaints what so ever.
Ben Elmshaws Steel, London
Ben Elmshaws Steel, London,


Cheap web design bradfordEvery website is different and an exact price is difficult to set in stone. But I would like to make one thing clear. I charge a fair days pay for a fair day’s work. I am not trying to make myself a millionaire, just a living will do me. Some larger company’s do look at their clients as cash cows, nothing else, no passion and no heart in what they do. You can see some starting prices below but these are just guides and I strongly recommend you fill out the free quote form.

Web Design From £129
Standard websites without shopping cart. Contact forms, Seo and Social linking included as standard. Search engine submission is also included and good, honest advice where needed.
E-commerce From £249
Website with shopping cart, no restrictions or limits and compatible with all popular payment gateways. Everything you need and more within 1 week.
Booking From £259

Booking and reservation for hotels, guest house, restaurants and anything else that needs booking. Payment gateway included if required to take deposits.

Property Sites from £329
Real estate website with the functions for you or your staff to list property as and when needed. An option is also possible to let public list there property on your site and earn revenue like classifieds. Which ever option suits your needs everything you need is included such as searching and narrowing down property price, rental or sale and area plus other useful features. With a modern design and responsive layout this is ideal if you’re just starting out or your current site is getting tired.

And The Rest
None of these options suit your requirements? I have only listed a few common site structures here but I am capable of creating many other formats. My skills and knowledge have adapted to many layouts and ideas such as classifieds, social sites, dating sites and so on over the years. I can advise you what is needed to get your idea of the ground and what to expect in the future and how to best promote your site from the out set. Feel free to get in touch.

The Process

When you get in touch for a free quote I will want to know if you have any content already, such as images and text. The more you have the cheaper the final quote will be. If you have none at all I will create it for you and provide the appropriate images relating to the website theme. Regardless of how the content is provided it will be made SEO ready/Search engine friendly for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What type of site you require is one aspect that can vary. There are a variety of different website builds such as a standard website that consists of four or five pages which are static and never change. These types of sites are usually attributed to companies who do not sell online but do offer a service offline like plumbers, mechanics etc.… Then there is your e-commerce type site where you sell your products over the internet to be posted out to customers. These types of site allow you to control stock, collect delivery addresses and collect payment via payment gateways such as PayPal and Google checkout.


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There are also simple one page websites or flyer type sites as they’re some times called. These are a cheaper option and should only be used to compliment your offline advertising efforts such as flyer’s and business cards that have your web address on or business name. For what you save in website building costs you could end up spending on advertising your site as it will not do as well in search engines compared to a site with much more content.

There are far too many website configurations I could create for you to list here but which ever you require I will take all the hard work out of the equation for you ensuring you can focus on your core business and not have to waste countless hours configuring confusing website options.

Ongoing costs vary across web design companies but at the time of writing you can expect to pay a minimum of £40 per hour for changes you need making in the future. At bdthree I take a different approach, I quote on the change rather than an hourly rate as each job is different. Taking that into account it should never equate to more than £15 per hour maximum. The only other ongoing costs are hosting which is between £1.99 and £5.99 per month depending on site type resource usage and domain name renewal at the end of the year. As you can see I have been upfront about costs and I never hide the things that often catch out others later down the line.


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