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How I price my sites and what payment methods are available

Freelance web design price. All my prices quoted are very competitive for like for like quality. I do not believe in giving a fixed price before I know what the final finish of a website will be and what features it will need. To do this could in the long run result in disappointment for you. For example when a feature you was expecting is not in the final build of the site. Every site is unique and tailored to your business making no two projects the same even if I was just to replicate a website.

So how do I price my website’s?

I simply look at the expected time it will take to design, build and deploy your website. This can be judged by the desired finish and end product features. For example a 5 page website with out checkout and e-commerce functionality is going to cost a lot less than a 5 page website with this e-commerce functionality. On top of this there are other features such as feature rich sliders, and eye catching animations, call to action elements, mailing lists and so on. You may want a website that “just does the job” or you may want an “all singing and all dancing website”. Taking this into consideration you can split the pricing into two categories. The Basics starting from £245. Feature rich starting from £495. There is always going to be an exception to this rule but sticking with what I believe to be the correct way to produce a website I can offer competitive and effective websites and have happy clients.

Here’s the gotcha.

I will be looking at ways of reducing costs considerably. You will see some specials coming very soon. These will be on the “Specials Page” here. These will be high quality websites, already created by me which are just waiting for your content. These will be £100 – £200.

So how do I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, cheques “If there still a thing?” or cash via recorded post “Although not recommended”. And what are the payment terms? For the up and coming specials payment is when you click the purchase button. For the normal design process the three options are as follows. Payment Option 1. Step by Step / Critical Point Payment. This is not something you see anywhere else I know of. I feel it gives my clients peace of mind and at the same time shows my clients how the build is progressing with out laying all the costs up front. It works like this. I take your website quote and split it up into the stages I believe you should see the site and sign that stage of as complete. For example a 5 page website quoted at £425. I would separate this into 6 payments and you would make a payment before each stage. Please keep in mind I will not start on the next stage until payment has been received. Upfront Payment Footer and Header = £70.84 Page 1 Complete = 70.84 Page 2 Complete = 70.84 Page 3 Complete = 70.84 Page 4 Complete = 70.84 Page 5 Complete = 70.84 Payment Option 2. A little bit simpler. Half up front and half on completion. For example a 5 page website quoted at £425. First Payment Upfront = £212.50 Second Payment On Completion = £212.50 Please keep in mind the site will not be released until the final payment as been received which means no one accept you and my self will be able to see the site. Payment Option 3. Full payment upfront. This will reduce build time as there is no waiting round for payments.

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