What's with the half finished website?

So “why?” you may ask replace the old site with this half finished example. The fact is I started this new build back in January 2018. The old site was beginning to run slow, look shabby and more importantly became a security risk due to outdated software. And as usual with old software it breaks and begins to conflict with modern browsers and the server it runs on.

The problem is trying to find the time complete this new build. I just have not been able to find the time. It has been a hectic past couple of years. I have been snatching an hour or two here and there but that’s not been enough.

However, the old site was on it’s last legs and I figured coming to the new site would be the easiest option rather than wasting my time trying to repair the old site.

Still, there is lot’s to do here. There is more content to add and yes so much more grammar checking to do as the content is a rough scratch. On top of that there are going to be new services added across the board and better content on explaining how processes work when working with bdthree.

So what’s with the new layout?

The plan is to be unique. You will never see a website that looks the same as bdthree. Whether that’s a good thing or not only you, my visitors will be able to judge on that one. The way a website is ranked in google and co highly depends on speed. And this also my plan. A fast and fluid website. An example to what a website should feel like on all platforms on all connection types.

I will be keeping the pretentious sliding images and pointless graphics to a minimum. And while we are talking about pretentious, when I started bdthree many, many moon’s ago the aim was to be my self. A typical Yorkshire speaking person. But as time moved on I gradually started using long, mind boggling techno jargon. No more! Back to saying it how it is 🙂 To the point and no-nonsense. Some people like this approach while others may not but none the less you will be under no illusion to what type of designer you are working with.

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully everything will be finished up over the next month or so.

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