UK WordPress Migration Services

Secure, Quick and Reliable WordPress migration service from £29.98

Minimal Downtime

Safe & Secure

Quick Turnaround

Affordable Service

Minimal Downtime

Affordable Service

Safe & Secure

Quick Turnaround

Six Stage Process

1. Preperation

Prepare website and destination server for migration process.

2. Transfer

Transfer the entire database and all files over to new server.

3. Configure

Configure database and wp-config to work correctly on new server.

4. Configure Domain

Configure or move domain ensuring it is pointing to the new server.

5. Health Check

Health check the website to ensure everything is working as it should.

6. Backup

Backup for final time so you have a copy of your website in a good state.

About The Migration Service

After 12 years experience I believe that a migration of WordPress should be done manually. Unlike others I prefer not to use migration tools which more than often lead to errors or even data loss. Your website is important to you and migrating your website and checking everything is spot on is important to me.


There are 4 different price brackets below. When changing the domain name of a website it involves extra work configuring the database and ensuring there are no remains of your old domain name in the database. You will notice if moving your WordPress website to BDTHREE Hosting you also receive a discount as a thanks for using this service.


Transfer to UK based BDTHREE servers “Same Domain” + 2 Months free Linux Hosting


Transfer to other external servers “Same Domain”


Transfer to UK based BDTHREE servers “Change of Domain Name” + 2 Months free Linux Hosting


Transfer to other external servers “Change of Domain Name”

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